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Our Top Dog Names For 2020

Our Top Dog Names For 2020

Top 30 dog names

One interesting trend I noticed with the most popular dog names is a strong trend towards human names for our canine companions. Given that our dogs are now accepted as part of the family unit, I don't think it's suprising pet parents are moving away from 'Rover' towards two legged names like Molly, Oscar and Toby.

1. Ruby

2. Molly

3. Bella

4. Buddy

5. Oscar

6. Roxy

7. Toby

8. Odie

9. Marley

10. Archie

11. Max

12. Charlie

13. Luna

14. Lilly

15. Rocky

16. Cooper

17. Ollie

18. Ellie

19. Poppy

20. Louie

21. Bonnie

22. Leo

23. Frankie

24. Bailey

25. Teddie

26. Amber

27. Zeus

28. Milo

29. Romeo

30. Coco

Our favourite dog name discoveries

Compared to naming one's human offspring, there is really no limit to the creativity a pet parent can employ when choosing to name their furry family members. Some personal favourites the vet team came across in the last two years include super cute food themed names (think Ramen and Sesame), through to the truly unique choices including Purple, Tulip and Poncho.

Best food dog names






Most unique dog names






Best Aussie dog names






Whatever name you choose for your dog, by all means get creative, just choose something you won't be embarrassed to yell out at the dog park when it's time to go home...

Top 10 most popular dog breeds

When it comes to dog breeds, the number one spot on our list is held by a worldwide favourite, the beloved Labrador Retriever. Coming in second place is a truly Australian favourite however, the irrepressible, family friendly and sometimes polarising Staffy (aka Staffordshire Bull Terrier).

1. Labrador

2. Staffy

3. Poodle

4. Maltese

5. Border Collie

6. Cavoodle

7. Kelpie

8. Golden Retriever

9. Shih Tzu

10. Jack Russell